Thorn Moon A Bitches Halloween

..for the town of haddenfield..they have a new reason to fear halloween...

$8-$10 For 13 pages of beautifully colored Werewolf transformation.

After 30 years of trying to avoid it, Jamie has decided to put her past behind her and embrace the holiday that she once loved. However on this Halloween night, the town of Haddonfield is about to find out

they have new terror to deal with and Jamie is once again playing a intricate part in it... 13 pages of beautifully colored werewolf transformation.

Payset is a minimum of $8 but $9 or $10 would be greatly appreciated. Also for a limited time, a 4 page sketch preview of a new bitches chapter coming in 2021 is included!!

Artwork and colors is done by:

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230.39MB ZIP Download

USD 8.00

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